The Style Cure: The After

My nook is so tiny, I skipped some of the last days of the Style Cure. Or, at least, it would be silly to blog about each of them separately.

  • Day 18: I put the speakers in place such that they are actually on either side of the turntable. I also moved the yoga mat & vase to the other side.
  • Day 19: I get wonderful natural sunlight throughout the day, but in the morning, I turn on the sconces. I don’t think the space needs more than that.
  • Day 20: Okay, I haven’t framed my yoga cat calendar pages yet. But, I did rearrange the books in the built-in, so maybe that counts as art?

Take a moment to remember how dirty and unloved this space was in the beginning (stuff piled in the corner, sad window scarves):

Library Nook

And now for the final reveal!

The Updated Nook

Updated Media Area with Speakers


Speakers with Turntable

The Window Nook

The old accordion case isn’t going anywhere, but it’s so much cleaner and organized. Even the insides of the Expedit have been cleaned out.

The best part is that I actually use this space for yoga in the morning! There’s just enough room for my mat. I turn on the sconces, face the window, and work through some sun salutations. It’s a great way to start the day.

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